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New Thriller Novel

July 15 2021!


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Cam's New Thriller

The Need to Know

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Michael Spencer has questions only birth parents can answer, but his adoption search triggers a ripple along Ottawa’s corridors of absolute power that still shudder at the thought of his birth father, even after all these years. Michael quickly suffers the wrath of an intelligence apparatus so secret he doesn’t even know who he is running from. But he soon discovers he is not alone. His birth father has been watching, a virtual stranger with an inseparable bond, who returns to save the son he has never met. Now the race to save them both begins.
And it all started with a dying wish to tell his birthmother she made the right choice.

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Coming December 2021

A new psychological thriller



New York psychologist Desmond Bennett is front page news for the gruesome murder of his famous fiancé, his life all but destroyed. He can’t remember the night she died, can’t come to terms with his own hand in her death; tormented by his weakened mind. But what if his anxiety and paranoia are merely a smoke screen that camouflages a conspiracy of unfathomable consequences. As his memory comes back piece by piece he begins to see past the obvious, only to find himself in a race against time to save the ones he loves the most.


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About Cam

Besides being a novelist, Cam is also a screenwriter, director and producer for his production company, SoGo Productions. His screenwriting portfolio includes work for Canadian and U.S. producers in both TV and film, and multiple genres from war and thrillers to drama and horror. He has directed feature film, TV series, music videos, commercials, and documentaries. He is also a professional drummer having played on numerous albums and television shows and continues to perform live.

He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

The Need to Know is his first novel.


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Doreen Holmes c/o Integral Artists
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Daniaile Jarry c/o QV Productions
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